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The Bronze Collection is not only our most powerful product, but it's also our most popular as well. With a one-two combination of Nurturing Nutrients...

The Bronze Collection is not only our most powerful product, but it's also our most popular as well. With a one-two combination of Nurturing Nutrients and Mama's Oil, this collection is for all hair types who suffer from alopecia, dry, brittle, flaky, and inflamed scalp. 

This powerful signature blend combination is best used for protective styles such as braids, locs, twists, and coils. Made with all-natural ingredients and 100% vegan, you will see impeccable fast results with our Bronze Bundle Collection.

Best recommended use: Oil and spray scalp to affected areas. Fully saturate the affected area and gently massage oil and spray into your scalp. Move your hands in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes and allow your hair and scalp to air dry. Apply oil and spray to your hair twice a day if possible. Goddess, consistency is key!

Product Size: MaMa's Oil - 4 oz. | Nurturing Nutrients - 8 oz.



Store this product in a cold dark area

Upon opening product, please be sure to keep refrigerated!

Always do a patch test!


For MaMa's Oil:

Use 2-3 times daily, or use as a scalp treatment, or use as a hot oil treatment under a hairdryer or hair steamer. You can even use this product underneath or in your protective styles.


For Nurturing Nutrients: 

Please Shake well then spray onto freshly cleansed hair.

Lightly massage the scalp, allowing the product to air dry.

If you are wearing protective style locs, twists, braids, or wigs then no need to rinse out.

When styling your hair as a silk press, cover hair with a cap for 30-45 minutes.

Next, rinse Nurturing Nutrients completely off of your hair and scalp with cool water and style as you please. (Do not use shampoo!)


Ingredients: Made from 100% Organic All-Natural Essential Oils with a lot of love.

Please Note: This product may have a strong smell to it, that's natural!

DISCLAIMER: Products contain all-natural herbs and essential oils, If you are allergic to all-natural herbs or tree nuts, please DO NOT use this product. We WILL NOT be held liable or responsible for illness or allergic reactions, so please be sure to read the instructions and always do the 24-hour skin test as stated.

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges unless you received a damaged product which must be verified by our Customer Support Team.

Conditional refunds are accepted within 72 hours of the purchase for unopened sealed items. Please be advised that a 20% restocking fee will be applied.

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Charmaine Goldsmith
Hope for a senior...

I loss my hair due to having two major surgeries in the same year due to anesthesia and medications. I faitfully use your products and what completely bald...MY HAIR IS GROWING! I stand by your products as a testimony..thank you! CHARMAINE G.

William Parker
My Bronze Collection experience

I am loving the products a little over a month in😍. I have also created a hair care routine that fits my schedule. Once out the shower in the morning I apply the oil on a wet beard aswell as the hydration spray. Later on in the day I apply oil and hydration spray on a dry beard and hair. Trying an every other day system as im on the road driving 5-6 days a week. It looks and feels great since I started using your products. I will continue the updates until I have completed the products. I plan on doing some progression videos for you aswell to market your product because I enjoy it so much and people need to know. These photos are comparisons after a month of product usage.Thankyou again🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

The Bronze Collection

This product made a huge change on my hair I went from trying product after product to actually finding one that works on my hair and after GOODESSIANYE invented this product I was dying to try and I can say that it actually works for dry brittle hair . This product leaves you’re hair feeling oily , shiny and refreshing! I can’t wait to see what else she have in store because what ever it is I’m buying more . TRUST ME YOU WOULD BE HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS!

Incredible products !!

These Products are amazing! I’m just lost of words lol my hair is now waist length and it’s all because of this company. Goddess iAnye have saved my hair and my results are below you see what these products did to my hair❤️ I’m so thankful. I love the MaMa’s oil smell it’s so pleasant and soft feels good on my scalp it’s a thick oil. Nurturing Nutrients has a soft pleasant smell, nurturing nutrients is a darker product and I thought it would stain my clothes but it doesn’t so I’m super happy about that. If you want your hair to grow in “beast mode” don’t hesitate to add this bundle to your cart 💯

Very Nice Products 💯

This product was one of the best decisions I’ve made 💯 it’s quality. grow my hair tremendously and in short time!!! Made my hair very thick curly and healed my flaky scalp. It keeps my hair Moisture.I’m very happy with these products. This product also made my beard grow and the products have a nice pleasant smell it’s not to feminine.This is a definite must buy💯