Q. How fast will I see results ?
A. Results may vary, but on average, within three to four weeks you will see results. Consistency is key! The more you apply the product, the faster the results will come.

Q. How often should I apply it to my hair?
A. Best recommended usage is twice a day. However, it's a matter of your own personal preference.

Q. Is this product 100% vegan and all natural?
A. Yes our products are both 100% vegan and all natural. We strive to produce great quality and authenticity.

Q. Should I rinse out the growth serum?
A. No, please DO NOT rinse out the the growth serum. You would be rinsing all the nutrients out.

Q. Can I apply this on my babies/kids hair is it safe?
A. Yes absolutely! Our products are safe to use for your precious little ones.

Q. Is this product for men as well?
A. Yes this product is for both male and female.

Q. Can I apply this on my beard/facial hair?
A. Yes you can. Absolutely!

Q. Is this product for sensitive skin and scalp?
A. Yes this product is safe to use, even for sensitive skin and scalp.

Q. Is this product for alopecia/postpartum?
A. Yes, absolutely!

Q. Is this product for all hair types and textures?
A. Yes our products are for all hair textures.

Q. My hair is so dry and brittle. I'm experiencing thinning baldness in some areas and dry flaky itchy scalp. Will this product help me?
A. Yes our products are perfect for your hair. In fact, our growth oil and growth serum soothes dry itchy scalp. Also, our growth oil heals dry brittle hair thinning and balding, and our growth serum also heals thinning and balding effectively. Simply put, we have exactly what you need so try our growth bundle package!

Q. Do I need to apply these products to freshly washed hair?
A. It would be best if you did start with freshly washed hair because there's no dirt or excess build-up on your hair or scalp, but you can apply without freshly washed hair if you prefer.

Q. Can I apply the growth serum to my braids or twist/locs?
A. Yes absolutely! The growth serum is best to be used in protective styling, or wet natural hair styling.