About Us

Gods and Goddesses! My name is Abria, Founder and CEO of Goddess iAnye (pronounced like Kanye with an i).

I was once a very curious, passionate, and obsessed teenager that desperately wanted to learn how to grow long hair and embrace my own natural beauty. I drowned myself with lots of information and doing intense research day after day on how different cultures were able to grow their hair long; and what I discovered was contrary to the stereotype of what I was always told that was possible for a brown-skinned girl. Needless to say… my consistency, persistency, and obsession over time paid off and led me to create my very first hair growth serum by the tender age of 18 while working part-time at an all-natural hair care salon as a Shampoo Assistant. 

Fast forward to 2019 after losing my sense of purpose, my Mom was misdiagnosed with an illness and was administered medication that unfortunately had severe side-effects. One of those side-effects was severe hair-loss. What once started out as an obsession quickly became a desperate attempt to revisit that obsession and simply find a remedy for my Mom's traumatic hair loss. With my cosmetology background, I was determined to find a solution without the use of harmful and toxic chemicals to restore her natural beauty and gorgeous smile in hopes of wiping away the sadness because I really hated seeing her emotional suffering and low self-esteem.

After discovering that herbs were for healing from all of my extensive research along with learning the actual chemistry of hair in Cosmetology School, it took me just a couple attempts to create an all-natural remedy that brought back my Mom’s hair in an authentic way for her to be able to embrace her beauty. Now, with all the things that I learned over the years, I really didn’t know much about owning a business, or even starting one, but my Dad always taught me to do what I gotta do, pursue my goals and give it 100%, and a very close cousin of mine who I looked up to as a mentor often encouraged me to never be afraid to fail and to always believe in myself. Both of their words always stuck with me and helped to push me enough to turn my passion into purpose and the birthing of a brand.

Goddess iAnye begins with YOU in mind. Our products are hand-made from all-natural and vegan ingredients with a lot of love. We pride ourselves in creating quality and authentic products for the God or Goddess in YOU! Our goal is to inspire YOU to Embrace Your Beauty and to be comfortable in your own skin while also being empowered at the same time. This is the driving force that continuously pushes us to be the conduit that helps spark the change within.